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Music FunTime

Music FunTime

"I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning." --Plato

We offer a research-based general music program especially for young children from ages 18 months to 7 years old.  This curriculum is modeled after Johns-Hopkins research which has been shown that early childhood musical  development leads to a greater understanding of math and science early on as well. In this program, children learn how to play an instrument and read music notation and symbols while developing their cognitive and reasoning skills.   Through this program, children will have a head start for when they progress to private lessons.

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The  Curriculum

‍During classes, one way children will be learning music theory  is through fun crafts. They will be learning rhythm, pitch , music notation , symbols and key signatures in a manner similar to the way they learn numbers , colors, and letters.  They will learn to play on  different rhythmic and pitched instruments to implement this new knowledge  in real time. Through this, they are  applying what they learn which enhances their ability to learn and reason.   The children will play in groups, which develops social skills, confidence and learning how to play music along with others. They will grow with music!

The Instruments

Throughout the year in class, students will receive several instruments  to take home. These are theirs to keep so that your child can practice  with you at home and continue the joy of learning. The instruments include: a kazoo, Rhythm sticks, jingle bells, a Tambourine, a maraca, a Triangle, and a Flutophone. On their first class, each child gets to make their own rhythm instrument to take home. They also will receive a cool tote bag to store the instruments in.

The Classes

Registration for Music Fun Time classes is open throughout the year. Classes are 30 minutes each week. They are grouped according to age and limited to six students per class. Call us at (970)716-7262, click the button below or fill out our Request Info form to register for a Free Trial Class!

Music Fun Time Free Trial Class

We are offering a chance for you to  try out our Music Fun Time class for free. Parents can click "Register Here" to schedule a one time trial for your child for any of our regularly scheduled classes. Fill out the form and we will contact you directly to schedule the trial class.  

You can also call us at (970) 716-7262 to schedule a trial class.

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The Camps

Music Fun Time Day Camps offer a great way for your child to get exposure to our curriculum. From there, (s)he can easily move into our regular weekly classes. If your child enrolls directly from camp, you qualify for a discount on the first month of classes.

Music Fun Time Camps are available to children ages 3-7. Each session is limited to 8 campers. Every day, campers learn a new musical concept and crafts and games for that day will reinforce that new knowledge. Campers get to play rhythm instruments and will even make their own to take home!

Spots are limited. Register now to reserve a place for your child!

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For more information on the Music Fun Time curriculum and to read parent reviews, check out For more information about our classes, call (970)716-7262 or email us directly at ​

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